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Jul 26, 2010

Thumbs Down Award of the Week

Imagine having to do without hot water for years. That’s what residents of Mayor Wright Public Housing Complex in Hawaii have had to put up with because of the do-nothing attitude of the Hawaii Public Housing Authority. According to the Star Advertiser, “some residents have grown so accustomed to cold-water showers—and washing dirty dishes and diapers in cold water—that they can’t even remember a time when they received reliable hot water in their apartments.”

The one bright light in this public housing story is State Representative Karl Rhoads, who bothered to check on the conditions there. This week’s Thumbs Down Award goes to the Hawaii Public Housing Authority for its blatant disregard of public housing residents, many of whom are children.

If you know of any person in the news, organization or publication that deserves the Thumbs Down Award for insensitivity to public housing residents, email your suggestion to

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