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Jul 19, 2010

Thumbs Down Award

This well deserved Thumbs Down Award may be a little late, but we're not letting Lt. Gov. Andre Bauer off the hook for his derogatory comments about public housing residents back in January. To recap, Bauer compared people who live in public housing to stray animals. "You know why?" he said, "Because they breed."

Apparently, Bauer is blind to his own shortcomings. His unmitigated gall is overshadowed only by his desire to strut around like a proud peacock, displaying his perceived notion of superiority over disadvantaged people. At least he had the guts to expose himself as the greedy and soul-less politician he is. Read more about Bauer and his controversial comments in

This week's Thumbs Down Award goes to Lt. Gov. Andre Bauer for being the Pied Piper of greed. (You can include his grandmother on this one, whom he says taught him to think that way). If Bauer wants people living in public housing to be more like him, then he should try being someone they can admire.

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