Stories about life in Liddonfield housing project and its impact on the Northeast Philadelphia neighborhood of Upper Holmesburg. These true stories reveal how government policy affected the lives of real people, from the project residents to area homeowners during the 5 decades of Liddonfield’s existence. Stories and articles are written by a former resident of the project.


Rosemary Reeves, Blogger, standing on Philadelphia Skyline

Sep 6, 2010

Finding Forrester - Movie Trailer

Who's finding you?

In the movie, Finding Forrester, a young man from the Bronx forges a friendship with a famous but elusive author, who encourages him to pursue writing. Are you a talent waiting to be discovered?

If you have a story to tell but your grammar and/or spelling is not up to par, you are urged to do the best you can and submit it to The editor of Public Housing Stories believes that the content of the submission is more important than technical expertise. Stories can be edited for clarity. So, for heaven’s sake, punch the keys!

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