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Oct 25, 2010

Housing Project Being Built Over Bronze Age Site

It’s a good thing company officials from Tulloch Homes in England had the foresight to commission an archeological survey of the land it was planning to build new affordable housing units on.  Archeologists came upon an amazing find - an urn from the Bronze Age which dated from around 2,000 B.C.  According to a BBC news article, “A spokesman for Tulloch Homes said: "It is the most significant find in their initial dig and the urn has been removed from the site for more detailed examination.”
Bronze Age people in Europe lived in huts with thatched roofs and had no written records.  However, the advent of bronze-forging brought about significant changes in their world.  They used bronze to make daggers and other weapons of warfare, helmets, tools, sculptures, jewelry and cooking pots.  But when it came to bronze-forging, they were late bloomers.  Egyptians invented it first, a thousand years or more before the Europeans.
Because of Europe’s rich history, it is quite common to commission archeologists to survey an area prior to building upon it.  Ancient artifacts can be found in abundance all over Europe and government bodies strive to preserve what is discovered.
Construction of the affordable housing development will continued as planned, however.  It will be done in phases, beginning with two sections of the land that archeologists have determined are clear of artifacts.  The people who move into the affordable housing units will be living in the very spot where Bronze Age people lived thousands of years before.

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