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Sep 12, 2011

Blogger Gets Backlash for Anti-Tea Party Article

by Rosemary Reeves

Ever since I posted the article, Low-Income Folks Declare Bring it On! to Tea Party Thugs! on August 29, 2011 I have been receiving aggressive, demeaning and bullying comments from one or more Tea Party members.  (They always comment anonymously so it's hard to tell how many).  I know they are Tea Party member(s) because they are responding to the Tea Party article and also there is a certain continuity to the writing which suggests it is the same individual or individuals.  Fortunately, I always moderate any comments before posting them to ensure they are not racist or profane or the ramblings of a crazy kook.  It seems I have become the target of one or more Tea Party bullies, in an apparent attempt to silence me because I continue to speak out in defense of low-income people, which just proves the point of the article.

In recent comments that I did not post out of necessity, I have been called the "A" word and was even ridiculed with sarcasm for not posting an article on Labor Day, which I chose to take off, partly because I was upgrading my computer. I have always been fair as far as presenting any opposite point of view and if one looks at past articles and the comments below them, one will see that I have consistently posted such comments, even ones that were rather rude toward me or my opinions.  I can accept a certain amount of rudeness in a comment, but I will not post any comments that are aggressive, bullying or profane toward myself or anyone else.

This is just to let the bullying commenter(s) know that I am not intimidated by you or your thug Tea Party and I will continue to write articles against the Tea Party in defense of low-income people whom you attempt to use as scapegoats for the horrible jobless economy Bush created.

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