Stories about life in Liddonfield housing project and its impact on the Northeast Philadelphia neighborhood of Upper Holmesburg. These true stories reveal how government policy affected the lives of real people, from the project residents to area homeowners during the 5 decades of Liddonfield’s existence. Stories and articles are written by a former resident of the project.


Rosemary Reeves, Blogger, standing on Philadelphia Skyline

Jan 16, 2012

Video History of Liddonfield Housing Project

Part One:  Liddonfield's Namesake

This is the first in a series of videos and articles on the history of Liddonfield Housing Project which was located in the Upper Holmesburg section of northeast Philadelphia before it was demolished last spring. Upper Holmesburg history is very closely associated with Liddonfield, a fact that was very nearly missed as the public and some officials were eager to bulldoze the project and forget about it. Part One in the History of Liddonfield Housing Project Series reveals the identity of Liddonfield’s namesake and the remarkable story of this great Philadelphian.

Part Two of this series will  be posted on Monday, January 23.


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