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May 21, 2012

Man Finds Public Housing Sports History While Cleaning Out Garage

by Rosemary Reeves

Have you ever cleaned out your garage and stumbled upon an unexpected treasure?  Ron McCloskey did just that.  He discovered a piece of public housing sports history when he came across a 1959 Sandlot Sports Association pamphlet with pictures and rosters of the all star teams.  Three of the players honored were from Northeast Village housing project.  A fourth was from Liddonfield.

All Star Team

On the intermediate division was John Sullivan and on the Midget "A" Division were outfielder Jerry Holmes and pitcher Dick Ryan.  One of McCloskey’s team mates on the Frankford Blackhawks was Billy Kinderman from Liddonfield, who also made the all star team.  McCloskey didn’t live in Northeast Village but lots of his relatives did.  He answered some interview questions for

Ron McCloskey
Can you tell us the time period when your relatives lived in Northeast Village?

My grandparents Jim and Emily Morris and my Uncle Al McCloskey lived in an end unit. Also my Aunt Madeline and Uncle Jack Allen with my two older cousins Jackie and Lynn and two younger cousins Robbie and Shelly also lived in the village from 1947 to 1954. My cousin Barbra was born only a couple of months after they moved to Trevose. My grandfather and both Uncles were veterans of World War II.  My Uncle Ronnie (who I'm named after) and Aunt Dolly moved there after he served in the Korean War. Their two children who were born there were Kathy and Patty. They moved to Blackwood N.J. in around 1957.

What was it like in Northeast Village when you came to visit?

Needless to say we spent many weekends visiting our family there. I fondly remember the Sunday dinners and everyone sitting around the 10 inch T.V. set watching the football or baseball games. My grandmother kept a lovely garden and often won first place in the competitions. I also enjoyed exploring the woods and jumping over the creek that I recently found out was a cesspool. I was born and raised in the Frankford section so going to Northeast Village always seemed to be an adventure. 

Midget A Division
The one thing I remember most was my 5th or 6th birthday party at my Uncle Jack and Aunt Maddie's house. My uncle was a terrific baseball player and played in the Phillies farm system after the war. His roommate was Phillies shortstop Granny Hamner. Granny was at my birthday party and gave me my first baseball glove. I remember tossing the ball around with my cousin Jackie and kids hanging around to get Granny's autograph.  

Were you a member of a team?  If so, tell us about it.

Frankford Blackhawks

 The Junior conference Frankford Blackhawks team that I was on had three representatives - Cecil York (3B), Billy Kinderman (Short Stop from Liddonfield) and me playing first base.  Those are great memories of a simpler time.  

Northeast Village is a housing project formerly located in the far Northeast section of Philadelphia.  Built in 1947, the project was closed down in 1962 so the land could be used to make way for the IRS complex in Northeast Philadelphia Industrial Park.  Former residents of the project still stay in touch.  They have their own Facebook page known as “Northeast Village Natives.”

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