Stories about life in Liddonfield housing project and its impact on the Northeast Philadelphia neighborhood of Upper Holmesburg. These true stories reveal how government policy affected the lives of real people, from the project residents to area homeowners during the 5 decades of Liddonfield’s existence. Stories and articles are written by a former resident of the project.


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Jul 31, 2012

The Future is Bright for Liddonfield Housing Project Site

It seems like a natural and fluid transition, a parallel to the human life cycle of birth, maturity, the passing on of our memories and experience, and placing our legacy into the hands of a new generation.  The future of Liddonfield and the Northeast Philadelphia neighborhood of Upper Holmesburg has been determined and that future is bright.  Holy Family University has been chosen by the Philadelphia Housing Authority to develop the parcel of land where Liddonfield Homes public housing development stood for more than half a century.

The university will serve as a symbol of progress as the antiquated housing project (now demolished) transforms into a cradle of higher learning.  As part of the arrangement, the university will provide over a million dollars in scholarships to Philadelphia Housing Authority students.  To them I say, Carpe Diem!

The film Dead Poets’ Society made the phrase Carpe Diem! (Seize the day) an inspiration for college students hoping to make a difference in the world.    


Former Liddonfield Project Tenants Were Reunited at Canstatters


Lawmakers:  PHA Picks Holy Family to Develop Liddonfield Site by Shannon McDonald, Editor, NEast Philly

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