Stories about life in Liddonfield housing project and its impact on the Northeast Philadelphia neighborhood of Upper Holmesburg. These true stories reveal how government policy affected the lives of real people, from the project residents to area homeowners during the 5 decades of Liddonfield’s existence. Stories and articles are written by a former resident of the project.


Rosemary Reeves, Blogger, standing on Philadelphia Skyline

Sep 24, 2012

Housing Project Mom and Mitt Romney's Mom Look Alike

Not long after Presidential candidate Mitt Romney was caught on tape saying that 47% of Americans felt they had a right to entitlement programs and therefore he didn't care about them, a 1962 television interview of his mom surfaced, in which she admitted his dad had been on welfare.  When I saw the television interview for the first time, I almost fell over.

Oh, my gosh!  She looks like my mom, only wealthy!  Take away the pearls, designer clothes and all her money and anyone would be hard pressed to tell the difference.between Mrs. Eileen Reeves from Liddonfield Housing Project and Mitt Romney's mom. 

My Mom in the Projects
Mitt Romney's Mom

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